The Carry Home -



Mary Clare & Gary Ferguson offer workshops, retreats, lectures, and keynotes designed to help you traverse life's changes with integrity and vision.  The first thing we want you to know is that we have complete confidence in you.  With that knowledge, our programs are designed to reveal the wisdom and well being that are yours for the claiming. 

What we do


  • Transitions of grief and loss
  • Opening and entering new life chapters

                    In Family
                    In Love
                    In Career
                    In Body and Mind

  • Awakening your life's wisdom - what we call The Nitty-Gritty of Awareness 

We use these TOOLS.

           ~ Writing ~ Storytelling ~ Inquiry 

--We draw on the disciplines of

  • Science: psychology, ecology
  • Epistemology: ways of knowing mediated by culture and human society
  • Philosophy: mythology, wisdom traditions

--We offer experiences along with our thoughts and stories to support your investigation of the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual resources available to you right now - here in the big middle of Change.

OUR WORK with you arises from LISTENING TO YOU - and from our own life experiences.

Mary Clare 

FUNDAMENTAL - Mary was born in the days of Ike and Mamie.  She claims the North Fork of the Guadalupe River in Texas as the place that raised her.  In the meantime, she's been really good at school and happy to walk, dance, and be outdoors. Over time, good stuff and bad stuff has happened.  On the really good side, she's been mom to a beautiful baby who is now a magnificent woman.  Another exceptional good - she married Gary Ferguson.

MORE PROFESSIONAL - Being pretty good at school, Mary completed a Ph.D. in Psychological and Cultural Studies. Now she's had 30 years of experience as a professor, scholar and consultant.  She's worked throughout to support high-character service and leadership.  She is especially devoted to listening across difference to support telling our stories and to building alliances among people of diverse perspectives and priorities.

Mary Clare's work spans domestic and global settings including NGO's, government agencies, Tribal communities and all levels of education.  As a Fellow in the American Psychological Association, she has contributed over 100 articles to the scholarly literature and authored two books, most recently 100 Voices - Americans Talk about Change (2011), a book that reveals enduring wisdom and immediate guidance in times of sweeping cultural change.





Gary Ferguson

FUNDAMENTAL - Born in the corn and rust of the upper Midwest, at age ten Gary told his parents that he was moving West.  And that's pretty much what happened, when at age twenty he headed for the Rocky Mountains.  Those mountains proved to be just as beautiful as he imagined.  And they got more beautiful still in January of 2014 when, on the banks of Rock Creek in Red Lodge, Montana, he married Mary Clare.  

MORE PROFESSIONAL - An award-winning writer, Gary is the author of 23 books on nature, science, and culture.  He is recognized internationally for his writing,  his speaking, and for the rich storytelling that anchors both.  Gary's most recent book, The Carry Home is a memoir of his journey through grief and the healing power of nature.

As a speaker and workshop leader Gary has spent time with a variety of national and international organizations, including the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Industry Council, the Association for Experiential Education, the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, and the Wilderness Education Association. He's has also explored and written extensively on the psychological and social values of myth and nature.

Gary is a member of the National Geographic Lecture Series. His nature and science-based essays can be heard on National Public Radio affiliates throughout the country.