Gary Ferguson and Mary Clare work together to provide retreats, workshops, lectures and keynotes.  Please connect with us by leaving information on our CONTACT form.  We'll be happy to work with you to customize an event.  

Lake Sioux Charlie September, 2013


Our most requested presentations fit these topics:

  • The Nature of Grief

“Earth has no sorrow,” said John Muir, “that earth cannot heal.” Events focused on the Nature of Grief build on storytelling, writing and fundamental understandings of human development to support individuals, families, communities and service providers who are drawn to the healing power of the natural world. Participants will investigate the intersection of grief  and the natural world.  

Coming up in CARBONDALE, CO:

“Earth has no sorrow,” said John Muir, “that earth cannot heal.” The Nature of Grief is a daylong workshop.  In it, you will explore how the lessons of the natural world reveal reliable paths through life's changes.  Whether it's you in the middle of change, or someone you love, you'll leave the day heartened - more confident of your path and of the resilience of the human spirit.  

Carbondale, CO - September 20, 2015 - 9:00 - 3:00 - LaunchPad - 76 S. 4th Street - Council on Arts & Humanities, Main Room


  • Life Encores

Transitions in a life call forward encore appearances.  These events support participants as they fully engage the changes defining their lives.  Again with writing, storytelling and guidance from the social sciences, Encore events provide opportunities for thriving in the process of change.

                    In Marriage

                    In Career

                    In Body and Mind


  • Engaging the Wisdom Curriculum:  The Nitty-Gritty of Awakening

Wisdom arises as a natural expression of any human life.  Of late, more and more people long for what is variously named consciousness, enlightenment, awakening.  We suggest that all people are already conscious and enlightened, but too often are yet to awaken to that fact.  Engaging the Wisdom Curriculum does not result in any magical zap into eternal bliss - rather, it places each of us on the exacting path of coming ever more fully into our true natures.  The events we offer in this area thus focus on the nitty-gritty of awakening.  Join us.  It's always better when we support each other along the way.


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